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Choosing the right fishing line Malaysia

Whether you are trying out for the first time or you are an experienced angler, it is important to have the right fishing line Malaysia. Seahawk Fishing can give you the ideal line to suit your needs.

Braided fishing lines are one of the easiest to use and people often find they are ideal to start with due to the fact they don’t tend to stretch too much and have a greater amount of power than their diameter would suggest. For example the Lagenda is an ideal example due to its impressive knot strength and next to no stretch.

Monafilament is a kind of fishing line that can be used in a variety of non-deepwater applications. A good one to use is Big Strike Hi-Tech Co-Polymer Line as it’s stronger and more durable.

Leader fishing lines and fluorocarbon lines are the same. Leader fishing lines are a kind of monofilament that is tied to the end of the main line and the length depends on the kind of fish you want (for example one metre long is ideal if you are fishing for bream). Ginro FC is a good example as it can stand sudden shock as well as offering a low rate of water absorption.

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