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Creating A Holiday Table With Sequin Fabric

Decorating for Christmas parties and dinners is not an easy task. It can be difficult to plan something new each year, which is why new options in table linens coming on the market are always a good place to start.

One of the great things about holiday season decorating is that you can add dazzle and sparkle on a small or a large scale. With different options in sequin fabric, there are many different looks and styles that are easy to achieve and that don’t take a lot of time or money.

Go Big

For a lot of glamor and glitz, consider using the sequin fabric for the complete tablecloth. You can choose a checkered glitz look in gold, silver or champagne and white to add sparkle and shine. These look great for head tables or for individual guest tables as well as any display tables.

Sold types of glitz tablecloths in champagne, gold or silver will look amazing as well. These will highlight candles, Christmas or New Year’s centerpieces and are a perfect match for red or green table runners or overlays.

Go Minimal

For round, rectangular or square tables you can also choose to add a bit of glitz and dazzle. Choose red, green or white tablecloths that drape down to the ground. Then, choose a table overlay in a sequin or glitz fabric that will draw attention to the table top. Gold and silver will add to the festive look and create a perfect background on the table for any type of festive centerpiece.

For a more minimal look, consider sequin fabric for napkins. These are a conversation piece that will look beautiful with the table setting while not being too obvious. These can be paired with the same color of table runner for a very coordinated look.