How To Care For Vinyl Wallpaper

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Shopping

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When you are redecorating your home, your wall coverings may be the element needed to tie together your home’s aesthetic. Wallpaper is a great way to bring a new look to any room in your home without investing in new furniture or carpeting. When selected carefully, wallpaper can be timeless, elegant, or fun, depending on the mood you want that particular room to convey. It’s important to care for your wallpaper properly, to ensure its longevity. Here are a few tips on how to care for vinyl wallpaper.

Use The Vacuum

Rather than wash or rinse off any dust, use the vacuum cleaner. Be sure that the bristles aren’t too hard, or they could cause scratches to the paper. Your wallpaper will fade over time if it is washed with water frequently, thus vacuuming is an ideal way to keep your walls clean.

Don’t Let Dust Accumulate

Dust your wallpaper frequently, using a Swiffer duster or similar alternative. This will prevent the dust from staining or fading your paper, and helps to reduce the number of potential allergens in the home. Always start at the top of the wall and work your way down to ensure you capture the most dust. When you are planning your chores, complete this one before you sweep the floor so you catch any dust that may have fallen.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

In some cases, the mess on your wallpaper is too much for a vacuum to handle and requires washing in order to get clean. In these situations, be sure to avoid abrasive cleaners and extreme water temperatures. Both will cause your wallpaper to fade long before its time. Instead, use warm soapy water, and make sure to use a soap that is gentle. Many maid services recommend using dish soap or other ecologically friendly products to be sure that the cleaner you use is not going to cause fading or damage.

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