Keeping Warm in Winter

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Shopping

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When it starts to get very chilly outside we generally dig into our closets and pull out the sweaters. Sweaters—also known as jumpers, jerseys and pullovers—are knitted outer garments which are worn over a shirt, t-shirt or just on the skin and are designed to keep us warm. They are usually made from wool or a mixture of fabrics such as polyester and cotton. Turtle neck, V-neck and Crew neck are the most common types of necklines for which sweaters are designed. However, there are buttoned necklines and cardigan styles which are also referred to as sweaters.

Some countries have traditions of who can wear the worst Christmas sweater and it must have been designed or knitted to be as obnoxious as possible, all in good fun. Many places offer prizes for the worst and the joke is a running joke year after year. Within the acceptable boundaries of the word sweater is also the word ‘sweatshirt’. Although not quite a sweater in the official sense they are classified as sweaters simply because they are ‘knitted’, long sleeved, crew necked and warm. They share many of the same traits and characteristics as sweaters whilst being made entirely from a different material.

Outer Wear for Winter

Common styles of modern day outer clothing include jackets, sweaters, cardigans, and hoodies—a form of sweatshirt which has a hood. Hoodies first made their marketing appearance in 1930’s America, when they were designed to help outdoor workers in freezing conditions. The style of sweater had close knitted thick fibers, as opposed to the regular knitted sweater and were warmer and harder wearing. As the popularity of sweatshirts grew they also become synonymous with track suits that included sweatpants made in the same material. This style of tracksuit was made infamous by the ‘Rocky’ movie franchise.

Nowadays, the modern style of clothing offer logo and motif patterns on the breast or entire front of the sweatshirt. Weed sweatshirts are not uncommon and they are generally worn by anyone who is a proponent of legalizing the plant ‘marijuana’. Many of them are wearing sweatshirts and other items of related clothing to make the statement that they are fans of it and would like to use it legally.