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Perfume for Men: How to Choose Between Cologne, Aftershave, and Perfume

While many people often refer to cologne as the male equivalent of perfume, this is not the case. Although perfume for men usually has more oriental, woody, and aromatic scents, the distinction between cologne, aftershave, and perfume is dependent on the concentration of essential oils rather than scents. These aromatic compounds are what determine the scent’s price, longevity, and overall performance.

Aftershaves are meant to be applied to disinfect, rejuvenate, and tone the skin, and leave your face pleasantly fragrant after shaving. They contain only 1 to 3 percent of essential oils and thus, last only 2 to 3 hours.

It may surprise you that cologne is not the strongest perfume for men in Chicago IL. It contains only 7 percent of aromatic compounds and can last for 3 to 4 hours, requiring a frequent top-up throughout the day. Next on the list is Eau De Toilettes, which have 5 to 15 percent of perfume essences. These are commonly used for men’s perfume and can last around 5 hours.

Coming to the strongest of scents, perfume, or parfum, has the highest concentration of essential oils at 15 to 40 percent. It can last up to 12 hours on your skin if used on pulse points. Since it has a thicker consistency than the other scents, it usually comes in stoppered bottles and is more expensive. Other scents with more alcohol content usually come in spray bottles.

A parfum or Eau De Parfum is a good choice if you want to avoid alcohol or have sensitive skin. Aftershaves are a vital part of your shaving routine and can add a temporary fragrance. In either case, deciding on the right perfume for men depends on your personal preference and how you want to use it.