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Pet Parents Tips for Choosing the Right Puppy Potty Training Pads

Puppy potty training pads offer visible, reliable areas for puppies to go to the bathroom without soiling the flooring. Puppy owners who are new to using training pads often have questions about how to choose the right product. The following information provides a brief overview of how to select training pads that will protect flooring and offer a consistent, comfortable spot for puppies to go potty.

Absorbency Matters

Puppies will use the potty pad a lot, which is why owners must choose a pad that’s absorbent and big enough to prevent messes. While small breeds will do well with an average-sized pad, larger breeds will need more room to go potty. Heavy-duty training pads are the best choice for large breeds to protect flooring and ensure the puppy has enough room to do their business.

Avoid Newspapers and Towels

It’s understandable why puppy parents would want to use newspapers or towels at potty training pads. These materials are easily accessible and don’t require making an additional purchase. However, newspapers and towels can be confusing for young dogs and mistaken for chew toys.

The better option is a specially made puppy potty training pad. These products are disposable, come in many sizes, and highly absorbent. They can be used inside or outside and are ideal for training puppies of all sizes and breeds.

Training puppies to go potty outside is a process, but using the right training pads can make it easier. Pet owners who have a new puppy in the house can learn more about training pads by contacting PetsWorld Online Pet Supply