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Requirements and Tips for Anyone Who Wants a Tongue Piercing

If you have thought about a tongue piercing more than a few times in the last few years, you should educate yourself prior to actually having it done. There are things you need to do after your tongue is pierced too, to prevent infection and encourage healing without having the hole seal up. Here are some tips and advice that can help.

The Tongue Is a Muscle, and It Will Seal Up

Muscle, when injured, will react by attempting to close up and heal itself. The tongue is all muscle, as it helps move food around your mouth and toward your throat, and helps you speak. When pierced, it will react by attempting to close, which is why tongue ring barbells are necessary. The barbells keep the piercing hole open while the tongue heals inwardly around the hole.

The Barbells Have to Be Surgical Steel

Tongue ring barbells are mostly surgical steel. This kind of steel prevents infection and rarely (if ever) results in an allergic reaction. It is akin to having a surgical instrument placed in the piercing to hold it open. After your piercing heals entirely and remains open, you can try other barbells of different materials, but you do have to use surgical steel for the first couple of months.

Follow Your Piercing Expert’s Care Instructions

After your piercing expert has completed the process, follow the expert’s instructions for care of your tongue and piercing. This involves a liquid diet for a few days and rinsing with a special rinse.