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Why Sell Your Items to a Jewelry Buyer

Have you recently looked through your jewelry box and noticed how many bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other items you have that collect dust and are never worn? Many women find it easy to collect such valuables only to realize that there aren’t enough days in the year to wear it all. If you’re like many, you want to sell some of the items, but want to get the fair market value for them. Going to a jewelry buyer in Chicago is your best bet for many reasons.


While it can seem like a good idea to keep old jewelry in a sock drawer in the hopes that it comes back into fashion or that you’ll wear it, chances are you won’t. It’s taking up space in your home, and it could be a potential cause for burglary. If thieves get wind that you have jewelry, they’re likely to try and steal it. Just because you don’t want to wear it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get cold, hard cash for it.

Fast Response

In most cases, jewelry buyers make you a deal within a few minutes of your arrival. Sometimes, they will let you send the jewelry to them by mail, but many times, it is easier to go to their location. You can expect them to appraise it, which may mean weighing it, checking the stones for authenticity, and more. However, they are going to tell you what price they’re willing to pay and let you decide, making things quick and easy.


While most jewelers base prices on precious stones, cash-for-gold shops tend to set prices based on the market, which means you might get more money.

A jewelry buyer in Chicago can help you get rid of unwanted jewelry, so visit Chicago Gold Gallery at to learn more today.