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The Beauty of Vintage Style Engagement Rings

When two people make a commitment to share the rest of their lives together, it is a special moment frozen in time. From now on, things will be different as two people become one family. Engagement rings symbolize this special moment and the kind of ring you choose in New York will represent your commitment forever. But you have some decisions to make. For example, should you go with a modern or vintage style ring? Let’s look at some reasons to consider something with its roots in the past.

An Alternative to Genuine Antiques

Are you thinking about buying a real antique ring? Antique engagement rings in New York can be very expensive if you want something unique and valuable. Antique style rings are usually much cheaper than their real antique counterparts. However, this depends on the value of the diamonds and settings.

No Wear and Tear

Buying a new ring (inspired by a vintage style) will give you something with no signs of wear and tear. It will have all the appearance of the old style without the wear factor. This means you won’t have to worry about repairs in the future. Often times, repairs are necessary with very old rings. After all, you plan to wear this ring for a very long time and it will receive a lot of wear.


Do you love the look of Art Deco period jewelry? It has a unique appearance and style which literally takes you back to the early part of the 20th Century. However, it can be very difficult to locate a true Art Deco style ring made nearly a century ago. Yet, it is not hard to find vintage style antique engagement rings in New York, made in an Art Deco motif. Plus, you are sure to save a lot of money in the process.


Choosing an actual antique ring is a “hit and miss” situation. For example, you must take what is available and everything has already been made. Vintage inspired rings can have a number of different diamonds. For example, you may wish to go with a princess cut instead of an emerald cut stone. You can also choose from different colored gold settings with some selections. Your vintage ring can be customized in a number of ways.

Recreate Something Beautiful

Is there a ring from the past you would like to recreate or bring back to life? If you have images or you can create drawings, your jeweler is there to help. Quality jewelers can help design and create stunning engagement rings in New York, from any time period you like.