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Tips for Coming Up With the Ideal T Shirt Design in Kansas City

The idea of creating t-shirts for a fundraising event or some other activity sounds great, but what kind of design would serve the purpose? There are all sorts of ways to go about coming up with a t shirt design in Kansas City, but there are a few basics that need to be part of the planning. Here are some tips that will help with the process.

What Does the Design Need to Accomplish?

Consider the reasons for coming up with a unique t shirt design in Kansas City. Is the plan to distribute the shirts in advance and encourage people to wear them as a way to advertise an upcoming event? Perhaps the shirts are intended to be worn while the event is underway. They may even be one of the goodies that are included in the gift bags provided to everyone who donates over a certain amount to a charity. Understanding the reasons for wanting the shirts in the first place will influence what elements are included in the design.

Text, Artwork, or a Combination of the Two?

With the reason for the shirts clearly defined, it’s time to think about what will appear on the front and the back. One way to go is to stick with text. This works well when the plan is to advertise an event that will take place soon. Another approach is to rely mainly on some type of artwork, like a company logo. When the plan is to create shirts for the company bowling team to wear at competitions, sticking with images will work fine.

A combination of artwork and text is effective. Consider the idea of designing those shirts so that they sport the familiar logo of the company or charity and match it with some type of quotation or printed announcement across the back.

Visit Business Name today and talk with the team about the plans for those shirts. It won’t take long to determine what type of colours and design would serve the client well. After approving a design and choosing a colour for the shirt, it will be easy to determine quantities for each size, place the order, and ensure the shirts are ready for distribution.