Discover the Ease of Customizing the Glock 19 in Acworth, GA

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Glock Accessories

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Whether you are a diehard Glock 19 fan or new to this popular pistol, you are undoubtedly impressed by its many features. Perhaps one of those features that grabbed your attention is the Glock 19 threaded barrel. Many Glock enthusiasts taut the handgun’s finely tuned performance right out of the box, but absolutely love the options to customize.

Advantages of a Threaded Barrel

A Glock already has many features fans extol. A threaded barrel offers features including:

• Drop-in design.

• Increased accuracy potential.

• 100% made in the USA.

• 9mm 1/10LH twist rifling.

• Viton high heat integral O-ring lock thread protector.

• SAAMI spec chamber.

• Additions for a better than OEM barrel.

Customize your Glock 19

A threaded barrel allows you to mount a flash or sound suppressor. A flash suppressor reduces the amount of muzzle flash when you fire the gun.

The purpose of a flash suppressor is to conceal your position and to reduce that temporary flash blindness. It can also reduce the extent of muzzle jump or felt recoil.

Sound suppressors are often mistakenly called silencers. There really is no such thing as a silencer. The suppressor only diminishes the report of gunfire. There are three main reasons people use sound suppressors:

• Reduce noise pollution.

• Protect hearing, especially when used in conjunction with mufflers.

• Safely train by allowing students to hear their instructor.

For more information about the Glock 19 threaded barrel visit True Precision on their website, or call them at 000-000-0000. You can also email them.