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Get More from Your G43 with an Extension that Improves Your Grip

The only kind of pistol you will ever own is a Glock. It’s kind of like the way people like a Ford or a Chevy. You’re loyal to your gun manufacturer. It gives you what you need when it comes to round capacity and performance. You also need a reputation that comes from a solid foundation. A G43 mag extension gives you the opportunity to improve your experience with your pistol, giving you even better performance.

Enjoy a Better Grip with a Mag Extension

If you don’t have a G43 mag extension, it can feel like your hand is going to slide off the end of your gun. There’s no place to put your pinky. It can make it awkward when you want to get the best aim on the range. Adding an extension means molding your Glock to have a better fit in your hand. You can also add your extension to a magazine with more capacity to get more bang for your buck.

Customize Your Glock for Your Satisfaction

A G43 mag extension is a way that you can personalize your experience with your pistol. You can go beyond your factory model to tweak it with improvements. You know what you want to get out of your firearm. If you are serious about target shooting or your Glock is your partner for your daily duties, you want to make sure it functions to its full capacity. You can take it to the next level by choosing a mag extension that makes your gun fit like a glove. You’ll find it’s much easier to take aim when you can hold your pistol with confidence. You already know you will be happy with a Glock. Use a mag extension to give it a boost. Explore your options for your Glock at True Precision, Inc. when you visit.