Get Creative With Outdoor Light Fixtures

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Shopping

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Having a bright, well-lit home is important for both curb appeal as well as for safety. The correct lighting means it is easy to see and move around even in the dark, while brighter lighting is naturally going to discourage people from hanging around the property or thinking the home is an easy target.

However, outdoor light fixtures are more than just a practical need for the home. In fact, they can be carefully selected to add to the design, style and look of the home in subtle as well as eye-catching ways.

Hiring a lighting professional is an expense that many homeowners simply don’t want to consider. With just a few simple and cost-effective lighting strategies anyone can turn basic outdoor light fixtures into lighting highlights for the home and property.

Focused Light

When thinking of outdoor light fixtures, think about two different types of light. The primary lighting source will be focused on areas for traffic such as walkways, driveways, garage doors and entrances to the home.

This should be lighting that has a higher lumens level, and that can be directed to create visibility where necessary. These lights are typically mounted on buildings or poles to create pools of light.

Accent Light

Accent lighting fixtures are used to create ambient light as well, but they are primarily used to accent or highlight specific features. Spotlights or floodlights can be used on the ground and pointed up to create uplighting effects.

They can also be mounted on walls, fences or structures to create a downward beam of light to draw attention to design elements on the home or even in the landscape.

With the use of both focused and accent lighting fixtures, you can create just the look desired. Make sure to use outdoor- rated light fixtures for safety and durability in any outside lighting installations.