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Great Fried Chicken Restaurants in NY to Try

If you are looking for fried chicken restaurants in NY, La Rosa Chicken & Grill has what you want. Starting in 1994, La Rosa Chicken & Grill began his first single restaurant that has now grown into a chain of chicken restaurants across the region of New York and New Jersey.

Reasons People Love La Rosa

There are many different reasons people love what they get at La Rosa Chicken & Grill. Some of the most important reasons are listed below.

  • High-value menu items and service
  • Authenticity and originality
  • Healthy and nourishing meals
  • Options for Dining

One of the things people love about La Rosa Chicken is that you can choose how you want to dine. You can come in and sit down for a full meal and service, order and pick it up, or have it delivered to your location.

Meal Ideas

If you are having a family reunion, special party or event, or business meeting, call them to order anytime at (908) 464-4100. They’ll give you the options you have, or you can see their menu by going to their website.

Serving the areas of New Jersey & New York, patrons of the Santa Rosa Chicken & Grill Restaurant will testify to the fact that when you are in the mood for Fried Chicken Restaurants in NY, Santa Rosa Chicken & Grill is the best choice for deliciously prepared chicken and other delightful menu items.


If you live in the states of New York or New Jersey, chances are there is a restaurant location near you. Visit them online to find out more and to locate a restaurant closest to your location.

Then get ready to dive into some wonderful cuisine!
They specialize in chicken, but they have many other options to choose from.