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How To Save Money On E Cigarette Liquid Refills

With vapes, or e-cigarettes, becoming more popular in the US, the units and the e-cig liquid have become more readily available. While vaping tends to be less costly than smoking overall, e-cig flavored liquid can get expensive. Here are a few tips to savings money when it comes to your e-cigarrete liquid refills.

Conserve: One of the most basic way to saving money on e-cig liquid, is using your current supply wisely and carefully. Always be mindful and careful when you refill your tank to make sure you aren’t wasting any E-liquid. Avoid overfilling your tank– filling it up to about three quarters of the way is best because it will cause the excess to spill. Periodically check your chamber and battery for excess e-cig liquid fluid as this may indicate a leak– which is easily fixable by making sure your unit is properly connected. Also, make sure that your e-cig liquid container is properly stored at moderate temperature and that the bottle tightly is closed.

Price Compare: The prices of e-cig liquid per bottle will vary depending on where you live. Check the prices at multiple stores, as well as online. Make sure you are getting the most quality e-cig liquid for the lowest price. Buying online has become increasingly popular, but remember to factor shipping into your total cost.

Buy in Bulk: Many stores and online companies offer discounts for buying in bulk. In some cases, you can get a discount for purchasing two or more bottles at the same time, or for spending a certain amount. Other stores have membership program to encourage customer loyalty; points are accumulated over time and rewards typically include free e-cig liquid, coils, and other nifty gifts. Ask about specials, discounts, and any sort of membership programs that may be available to you.