Ideas For Exterior LED Light Fixtures For Commercial Buildings

by | Nov 10, 2017 | LED

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All lighting on the exterior of commercial buildings serves two very basic purposes. It is designed to provide security and safety by illuminating pathways, walkways, entrances and parking facilities. It is also a part of the aesthetics of the property and can be used to enhance specific features and to provide the look and style that matches the building’s design and use.

Lighting Considerations

When selecting exterior LED light fixtures, there are several key components to keep in mind. With commercial property, particularly with large numbers of exterior lights, it will be essential to consider how the light travels and if there is any risk of light pollution.

Light pollution is similar to over-lighting or having lights shine onto other properties or business that impact their ability to do business. A good example of this may be dusk to dawn lights on an industrial building that shines into the windows of a local restaurant or retail outlet.

The good news is that with the range of LED light fixtures on the market, these types of issues can be completely eliminated without any compromise on light quality or coverage.

Direction of the Light

The coverage area of LED light fixtures and the light direction, either downward, partially out and down or 360 degrees, offers the ideal coverage. Wall packs and floodlights offer a comprehensive option to provide light to any location on a commercial property from walkways along buildings to larger spaces in parking areas or along driveways.

The light color is also important with LED lights. With options to choose from cool, warm and neutral light colors it is possible to create the light color that is ideal to match the location. Warm and neutral lights offer a very true color to objects seen under the lights while the cool white has a slightly blue tint, perfect for large spaces to provide clear, direct light.

Consider the location where light is needed and then look for the correct type of fixture. Top manufacturers and vendors will offer multiple fixtures with the same finish, allowing easy coordination across all spaces on a commercial property.

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