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Nuna Girls Playard in Green Bay, WI

A playard is a great baby gear to have to keep an eye on your little tyke as you have to do things around the house or outside. The Nuna Cove and Nuna Sena boys and girls playards in Green Bay, WI, are convenient and multipurpose, so you can get the most use out of them during your child’s infancy. Rather than have 2 or 3 different types of baby gear, opt for one of our multipurpose playards to save space and money!

The Nuna Cove has a trifecta of uses. Use it to put your baby down for a nap. It can act as a bassinet for night time sleep. The equipment also functions as a playard. Choose from five different colors for the Nuna Cove playard including frost, threaded, caviar, champagne, and oxford. Enjoy this multipurpose equipment as it transitions its uses throughout you and your baby’s day!

The Nuna Sena is a travel crib and a playard. Select from aspen, caviar, or granite as one of the colors. To be sure your baby is safe during travel, purchase the Nuna Sena, so that he or she can play by day and sleep soundly at night. Just be sure all toys and pillows and blankets are removed from Nuna Sena before turning the playard into a crib for night time sleep.

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