Options to Consider While Starting Vaping

by | May 8, 2017 | Shopping

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Whether you are curious about vape or just wanting to take up a new and exciting hobby, you might consider becoming a vaping enthusiast. Either way, starting vaping with the right equipment is important. Basically, there are four types of vaping devices you might consider purchasing: disposables, pens, boxes, and mechanical mods.


Disposable units are the most cost-effective, available vaping devices on the market. Generally, these units are self-contained, meaning you should not add component parts. Instead, you should use disposables until their battery dies. When it does, as their name indicates, you should properly dispose of these devices. For beginners, disposable devices are a great option to get acquainted with vaping. Over time, though, you might find these devices lack the sort of power and longevity you can get from others.


Pen-style units look relatively like disposable ones, but they are much more powerful. Unlike disposable devices, though, you can change out the components of your pen-style device. That allows you to customize your vaping experience. You also can swap out the battery when it runs out of juice, so you will produce less waste. While you can expect to pay more for a pen-style, it is a fantastic device with which to learn vaping.


Box-style devices provide you with the most vaping power of any device. With complex circuitry and wiring, these are significantly larger than other available devices. Since box-styles have a large battery, you can expect to vape for a long time before you need to charge your device. For long evenings away from home these devices work perfectly. Even better, if you want the opportunity to customize your vaping experience, box-style devices generally have software to let you do so. While it might take a while to learn each feature of your box-style, you can start vaping with this device type.

Mechanical Mods

Finally, mechanical mods are in some ways the most basic and most complicated vaping device. Since they have no intermediary circuitry, they deliver a charge directly from the battery to the igniting coil. As you might expect, though, this requires a practiced hand to adequately control. Generally, beginners should wait until they have some vaping experience before they try mechanical mods.

If you are considering starting vaping, you have a variety of devices from which to choose. While each one will get the job done, you might seek a bit of guidance from a vaping expert when you are choosing your first device.