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Reasons to Choose Ruby Engagement Rings

Colorful gemstones have become increasingly fashionable when it comes to the perfect engagement rings, and rubies are among the most popular! If you’re looking for a non-diamond ring, the ruby is a terrific option, especially if you want to add some color.

Continue reading to discover some of the best reasons to choose ruby engagement rings.

Only Come in One Color

Unlike other colored gemstones, rubies only appear in one color: red. Ruby is a kind of red sapphire. It has the same mineral structure and qualities as a sapphire, which comes in various hues. Trace elements of chromium present create the red hue during the stone’s creation.

Durable Stone

One thing to consider when choosing a gemstone is its durability. Consider that you will be wearing this piece of jewelry regularly, if not every day, for the rest of your life. As a result, it must withstand the knocks, bumps, and damages that come with everyday use.

Like their twin sapphire, rubies are exceptionally hard stones, coming in second only to diamonds on the hardness scale. They’re extremely durable and don’t have any cleavage, which means they won’t chip, shatter, or fracture. Not only that, but rubies are extremely resistant to heat, chemicals, and light, making ruby engagement rings an excellent choice.

Symbolize Love

Red is connected with our most powerful emotion: love. Consider this: hearts and flowers are both red. The color red dominates Valentine’s Day. Being the most prominent red gemstone, rubies have long been associated with unwavering love and devotion. For more information, please visit Laura Powers Jewelry.