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Reasons You Need Innokin isub Replacement Coils

The Innokin isub coil is used with the Innokin isub tank and made from German polycarbonate. This quality material prevent damage in case it falls down. Innokin isub replacement coils have a 0.5ohm resistance. Here is why you need to try this replacement coil:

It is easy to clean

Cleanliness is important in order to get a good flavor. The Innokin isub tank is easy to dismantle and reassemble. Vapers can use this opportunity to clean the tank frequently, whenever they are replacing the coils. This in turn increases the durability of the tanks.

Ease of replacing the coil

Innokin isub replacement coils are not messy and prevent the spillage of juice. You simply open the bottom part of the tank, remove the burnt coils, replace with a good set, and close the tank. The easiest way to know when the coils need a replacement is when the tank stops producing vapor, or when the flavor suddenly changes to an awful burnt taste.

Great flavor and vapor production

Japanese organic cotton is used as the wicking material, enhancing the coils reliability to produce great flavor and massive vapor. Innokin isub replacement coils are great at maintaining flavor.

The longevity of Innokin isub replacement coils largely depends on the frequency of vaping. Ideally, frequent vapers replace their coils after a few days, unlike occasional vapers who replace their coils after up to three weeks.

Downsides of the Innokin isub Replacement Coils

Unclear screen glass

Vapers are unable to see the remaining juice in the tank because of a metal rim covering the tank. The only way to know the level of the remnants is to shake the tank upside down, which may be disrupting.

Limited resistance

The 0.5ohm coil for the Innokin isub is a limitation to vapers. Having a variety of coils to choose from gives users the control to try what works best for them.

Innokin isub replacement coils are affordable and still work well. However, beginners using the coil should take necessary precautions.

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