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Round Cake Pans: An Essential Supply For Bakers

Bakers use a lot of different types of pans to create a variety of cakes. Sheet pans are used to create large, flat cakes that are perfect for using just as they are, or for cutting into shapes to create elements of the design on small and large cakes.

When it comes to creating birthday and wedding cakes, it is essential that any baker have a good selection of round cake pans. These pans can be silicone or anodized aluminum, but they have to be good quality.

One of the best places to purchase professional, baker’s quality round pans is N.Y Cake. This company offers a range of cake pans from leading manufacturers, including the brand which is used and recommended by professional bakers across the United States and around the world.

What to Consider

When purchasinground cake pans, think about the types of cakes you are asked to bake or that you feature in your bakery. Tiered cakes are popular for many types of events from weddings and anniversaries to special holidays, corporate celebrations and even for birthdays and graduations.

Start with at least three sizes of round cake pans. These should include a large size round pan for the base, a mid-size pan for the middle tier and a small pan for the top tier cake. This provides a three-tier cake with the option to make different sizes of two-tier cakes using any combination of pan sizes.

While anodized aluminum is the more traditional option, many professional bakers are turning to silicone baking pans. These provide a naturally non-stick surface, they are easy to work with, and they make removing the cake from the pan much easier.

Always choose a recognized brand name when selecting cake pans of any shape and size. A quality wholesaler and retailer selling to professional bakers is a great place to start when looking for the top brands in the industry.