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Unique Decoration Ideas to Use for Birthdays, Weddings and Other Celebrations

When you are planning a major celebration, you may want to ensure every last detail fits your satisfaction. Along with choosing a venue to hold the party at, you also might want to order food and beverages to offer to guests that day.

When the event celebrates a milestone like a wedding or birthday, you additionally may need to order a cake that will be cut and shared with everyone in attendance. You can make sure the cake is something to remember by ordering one that is uniquely and vibrantly decorated.

Cake Sculptures

When you place the order for the cake, you may ask for one that has sculptures placed on top of it. If you want every element of the cake to be edible, you might ask that the baker use satin ice fondant with which to create these figures.

Because it can be molded into any shape, fondant is often used to create shapes like animals, flowers, and letters. The satin ice fondant is edible and is made from pressed sugar and flavoring.

Smooth Appearance

You also may want the baker to use fondant with which to cover the cake. Icing alone can be smoothed into a relatively even surface. However, it may show bubbles, lines, and other imperfections that can throw off the appearance of the cake.

Fondant can be rolled out to cover the entire surface of the cake and provide a clean, smooth surface. It provides a smooth and flat appearance. It also can be dyed into a variety of colors.

Fondant is a low-cost decoration option that is commonly used on commercially made cakes. You may want the baker who makes the cake for your celebration to use it for your decorating. You may specifically ask that letters, flowers, animals, and other shapes be made from fondant icing.