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What to Look for in a Coffee Service Provider

Over the last few years, startups have been popping up that offer products as a service. These are companies that take products you would traditionally buy as needed and sell them as a monthly subscription. One well known example sells razors for just a few dollars a month and will deliver them to your door. One of the latest products to follow this trend is coffee. Most offices in the US offer their employees free coffee, so this is actually a service worth considering if you manage a medium to large size office. So, why should you consider subscribing to a coffee service in Los Angeles?

What do they Do?

These services will source their coffee for you, usually from local roasters, and bring it to your office. They do not only offer coffee, however, with some including sweeteners and creamers, as well. In this case, the service provider will come by on a schedule and drop off fresh products, making sure you are fully stocked. In some cases, they will also provide the equipment and maintenance free of charge as long as you maintain a subscription.

How is this Different?

This is a good question. As far as the service you receive, you are not likely to notice a huge difference. Your supplier will come once a week, or once a month, whatever your established schedule is and deliver fresh coffee, sweeteners, and creamer without you having to be involved at all. Where a service stands apart, however, is in how you pay. These providers are usually able to offer their services at a lower price than you would get by buying the coffee as needed. They are able to do this for a number of reasons and some are able to negotiate better deals than others. This is going to depend on your area and the number of service providers that service it.

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