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Fashionable Mastectomy Swimwear by Jodee

Undergoing a mastectomy can be both a physical and mental hurdle for many women. But the changes to your body do not mean you can’t enjoy your pre-mastectomy activities.

Thanks to high-quality designers and brands like Jodee, women who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy never need to compromise on their style and sense of self. With the range of styles and suits featured in the Jodee mastectomy swimwear line, every woman can look forward to a fashionable and care-free summer.

What is mastectomy swimwear?

Mastectomy swimwear is specifically designed with your needs in mind and offers all the features you expect in a swimsuit to cater to your new needs.

Mastectomy swimwear is designed to discreetly afford the appearance of a natural, balanced chest for women who have undergone a range of breast surgeries. This means that, despite incorporating various features for the security of breast prostheses and surgical scar coverage, only you will know you are wearing mastectomy suit.

The huge range of Jodee mastectomy swimwear available online comes in the variety and style choices you would expect if you were buying standard swimwear.

Despite the stigma, you aren’t chained to one-pieces (though with the cute cuts and prints available from Jodee, you may want to be!), and mastectomy suits are available in a variety of styles.

This includes bikinis and tankinis, as well as sports suits for active swimmers so you can choose the right amount of coverage for you and feel your very best on the beach this summer.

What are the features of mastectomy swimwear?

When you buy Jodee mastectomy swimwear online, you can expect their incredible line of suits to feature elements to keep you comfortable and in control.

Most suits come standard with bilateral breast pockets for breast form compatibility. These soft-fabric pockets will not irritate sensitive chest tissue and hold breast forms securely in place.

Another feature to look for is adjustable straps to allow you to customize the amount of support you need on each shoulder. This will keep the chest balanced and symmetrical have you feeling your best in the water.

Will I need breast forms for my swimwear?

If you are looking to buy mastectomy swimwear, it is best to ensure it is compatible with your swim forms.

Don’t have swim forms yet? It’s worth looking into. Though there are various types and styles of prostheses available for most any activity, swim forms are specifically designed for use in the water.

They hold up much better with prolonged exposure to salt water, chlorinated water, and even hot tubs than standard silicone forms and are manufactured to be non-absorbent and lightweight in the water.

Don’t Limit Yourself

With the chic styles and varied choices of mastectomy swimwear available from top-tier brands like Jodee, there’s no need to wear a suit that you don’t absolutely love this summer.