How to Become a Certified Mastectomy Fitter

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Shopping

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Certified mastectomy fitters are an essential part of the recovery process for women living post-mastectomy who need cancer bra apparel and other garments for daily comfort.

What is a mastectomy fitter?

A mastectomy fitter assists in fitting and delivering external breast prostheses, custom breast prostheses, mastectomy garments, and other post-cancer bra apparel.

These services are often needed to treat asymmetry from a mastectomy, trauma, or defect resulting from another breast surgery. Mastectomy fitters work directly with patients to assess their needs and assist in navigating the cancer bra apparel for sale online and from certified mastectomy-wear retailers.

What is a BOC mastectomy fitter?

A BOC mastectomy fitter is qualified to provide and supervise the assessment and treatment plan of patients using external breast prostheses and other garment services.

BOC fitters complete a rigorous education course and training program to obtain their certification an uphold the industry’s standards.

To become a BOC mastectomy fitter, you must meet certain prerequisites, including an education requirement and patient care experience. The patient care requirement can be met by volunteering at a local hospital, volunteering at a BOC practitioner facility, or bringing a practitioner into your facility.

After the prerequisites are completed, you need to successfully complete an exam and vow to uphold the standards in the Code of Ethics honored by all BOC certified fitters.

As a BOC fitter, you are also required to continually develop your commitment to your professional growth by attending continuing education courses, as the mastectomy fitting field is constantly evolving and integrating the latest available technology.

What qualities should a mastectomy fitter have?

Compassion and polite bedside manner are key mannerisms of a mastectomy fitter. As a fitter, you have the ability to influence your patient’s experience and offer emotional support to the women receiving a mastectomy-wear fitting at a very vulnerable and emotional point in their lives.
Composure in stressful and emotional situations is also an important part of your job, as some women may still be undergoing treatments that can drastically change their appearance from one appointment to the next, including weight changes and hair loss.

Mastectomy fitters should have the social skills to develop a trusting relationship with their client and act as a caring, positive influence in their life.

As well as listening intently to the needs that they communicate, a fitter needs to be able to discern the needs and tendencies of an individual who has undergone a traumatic experience. It is important to take the fitting process slowly and afford each client the time they deserve to explain everything and help them enjoy the experience.

A rewarding career dedicated to helping women

Becoming a certified bra fitter requires compassion, skill, and understanding and can lead to a long, rewarding career of helping women in need.