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From Crib to Twin Bed in Green Bay WI: Why Toddler Beds are Not Always Necessary

The transition out of a crib in an important stage for toddlers. Purchasing this piece of furniture is as exciting for some parents as hearing their child’s first word or seeing them take their first step. Toddler beds are cute, fun and help to keep little ones safe while they learn a little more independence. However, they are sometimes an unnecessary expense that is avoidable by purchasing a Twin Bed in Green Bay WI.

The Sound Sleeper

Some children are active during the night even when they are asleep. Parents may choose a toddler bed because of the fear of the child falling out of the bed. Toddler beds are low to the ground and some even include rails for added security. However, sound sleepers do not have this same risk and even if parents worry, it is important to remember that twin beds can be placed on lower frames and a small area rug next to the bed will cushion any roll onto the floor.

The Growing Child

A rapid growth period could be why a toddler needs to get out of their crib and into a bed. Since toddler beds are small and use crib mattresses it could mean the fast growing little one could be bumping their head and feeling too crowded in the small bed just as they did in their crib. Most toddler beds are rated for up to 50 pounds and a tall child could be uncomfortable long before they reach this weight.

The Routine Child

Purchasing a Twin Bed in Green Bay WI will give children that have a difficult time with any type of change less to adapt to over their first few years. A bed this size will last for at least as many years as it takes for them to get out of their fussy stage. By the time they have outgrown a twin mattress they should be mature enough to understand why a new bed is important.

Parents that worry about safety can always place the twin mattress on the floor until their child is used to sleeping on the bed without incident. Once they are old enough to climb safely and feel secure they can then use their mattress in bunk bed frames, raised beds and many other fun designs. Retailers like The Lullabye Shop are happy to help their customers find the perfect bedroom set for children of any age.