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Marketing Success Through Athletic Team Sponsorship and Screen Print in Kansas City

One effective marketing strategy that can generate immediate business is to sponsor a local athletic team. Team members wear shirts or jerseys with the name of the business on the back, as crafted by a shop offering Screen Print in Kansas City. The business gets easy promotional activity not only at the games but also when the players go out to local establishments afterward for a drink and some food. If the sponsor is a bar or restaurant, the odds are high those teammates will congregate there after games.

Print Design

In addition to the business name, the address, phone number, and website URL may be printed on the apparel as well. The font can match the style the business normally uses. A logo might be included as well. Of course, all of this depends on how much space is available on the clothing.

The text shouldn’t be so small that people can’t read it from somewhat of distance. Visual awareness is the main point of screen printing provided by an organization such as Business Name. Visit our website to learn more.


The business is expected to pay for the Screen Print in Kansas City. In return, it receives the frequent advertising as well as the goodwill created by sponsorship. Sponsoring a team is typically a long-term investment with results lasting for many years to come even if the league eventually disbands or the team unable to recruit enough members to continue.

After growing up, children have fond memories of their mom or dad playing on a softball or bowling league. They remember going to some of the games and the camaraderie their parents felt. They’ll never forget which business helped those good times happen. The aspect of making people feel good is one of the most effective marketing techniques.


Business owners who sponsor a team may also find networking opportunities when they attend games. People in the audience appreciate seeing these community leaders supporting local athletics and actually being present in person. The sense of a friendly neighborhood is enhanced, and team fans decide to patronize that particular business.