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How to Pick the Best Wrestling Shoes Nationwide – 3 Key Factors to Look For

It doesn’t matter if you wrestle for fun, or you are trying to be the next Olympic great, having the right wrestling shoes is an absolute must. Here are the three key factors you should look for when picking the best wrestling shoes.


Comfort is the most important factor when it comes to this type of shoe. You want the shoe to fit like a glove. Not too tight, but not too loose. If you can place your fingers in the shoe around the ankle, that means you need a smaller size. If the shoe is too loose you will sacrifice balance and stability.

Proper Ankle Support

When you spar there is a lot of pressure that gets placed on your ankles. Having proper support will ensure your ankles don’t buckle under the pressure. This is why you see some wrestling shoes with a strap around the ankles. The strap is there to provide an extra layer of support.

Type Of Material Used

The type of material used to make the shoe is extremely important. You want a material that is lightweight so that your movements aren’t impeded. The lighter the shoe, the faster you will be able to move. And as you very well know, foot speed is everything in the world of wrestling.

The cost of the shoe will be determined by the type of material used. If you are new to wrestling, go with the least expensive option.

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