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The Versatility Of An Embroidered A-Line Dress

The A-line dress or A-line Kurt are very popular choices for women of all ages and of all body types. The classic A-line dress is more fitted at the top and flows elegantly into a wider hem at the bottom.

What Makes an A-line Dress?

The look of the dress is similar to the letter A, with the narrow top and the wider bottom. However, the true A-line dress does not flare out dramatically; it simply slowly flows out to the wider bottom. The traditional look for the A-line is not cinched or worn fitted to the waist. Different variations of the dress may have pleats, or it may be paired with a long jacket that worn closed or open.

An embroidered A-line dress is an ideal option for day wear or for special events. These dresses can be elaborately embroidered or more subtly accented with different colors of embroidery along collars, sleeves, and hems.

Best Body Shape for an Embroidered A-line Dress

One of the reasons this style is so popular in both Indian and Western dresses is the flexibility of the style. It compliments women who are tall and slender, particularly when the embroidered A-line dress is worn long. A flowing jacket or shrug or a beautiful dupatta can add to the color and the style.

For those who are shorter and have a fuller figure, the A-line with pleats and embroidery around the collar, sleeves, and hem draws the eye to provide a stylish look. The dresses are comfortable yet formal, a wonderful combination for any event.