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Keep Your Kid’s Leotards in Great Condition

A gymnastics leotard has to be tough and durable. It’s expected to last throughout rigorous practices with repetitive movements. They are also expected to look fantastic, not stretch and fit the body as if it were a second skin. Above all else, kid’s leotards need to be affordable. That takes special fabrics from top gymnastic activewear companies like Garland Activewear. Of course, it always helps if you know how to properly care for gymnastic leotards so they last longer.

The Right Care Helps Leotards Last Longer
It’s possible to keep leotards that you have ordered online in good condition throughout many practices. After a session, it is important to remove the leo as soon as possible and turn it inside out. Any moisture that has collected will evaporate easily then rather than staying trapped in the leo. Don’t ever scrunch or bunch up a leo and put it in a bag. They should be folded gently and carried in a mesh bag so air circulates around it.

Wash Leotards Carefully
There are a few things you want to avoid when washing a leotard. When you’re washing use detergent, bleach or detergent with bleach in it, fabric softeners, tumble dry, don’t iron, don’t scrub or rub metallic garments or foil print and don’t hang over a heater or radiator. It is advisable to always wash leos inside out using cold water and by hand. To dry them, just lay them flat and keep them away from any source of heat. Avoid using clothes pins that could weaken the fabric (in regards to velours in particular). Using this method to care and clean leos will ensure they last a lot longer so the athletes in your family can enjoy their leos more. It also helps if you order high-quality leos from Garland Activewear too!

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