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Make Unique Clothing With Screen Print in Overland Park

How can a company get its name out there with a minimum investment? How do you get to potential customers who do not listen to radio or TV adds or view newspaper and internet advertising? One way to reach members of the public is to get a company logo and basic information out in the public sector with Screen Print in Overland Park clothing and promotional items. The key to this type of advertising is to make sure the company logo is well designed and eye-catching. Companies such as Business Name have art departments for logo design.

Advertising Items To Consider

The larger, more-professional screen printing companies offer products such as screen-printed T-shirts, other clothing, hats, cups, patches, and other promotional goods. There can be up to 12 colors used in intricate designs and logos. Designs can be digitized so they are stored online for later use. The company may start with logos on T-Shirts of employees and go on to order items like hats to hand out to customers. They may order other promotional items to hand out at trade fairs or retail locations.


The promotional printing companies such as Business Name offer additional printing techniques such as embroidery, screen printing, logo development, digital printing, and patch and emblem development. There are screen print transfers and other products to complete a company’s advertising program. All of the printed items spread the word about a company and their products to people on the street.


Some organizations that benefit from these printing and logo services include non-profit organizations, law enforcement, fire departments, public safety departments, schools, sports teams, clubs, and security companies. A family having a reunion may want matching clothing to create a closer bond. A company might order matching T-Shirts for the company picnic or retreat. A political candidate might want volunteers to wear clothing that advertises their candidacy or a favorite cause.


The screen printing company has an art department to help customers design the perfect design for their company logo or event message. They can receive an online image and print it on T-Shirts or other items. There are artists on staff to design images or perfect customer images. The size of the artwork can be enlarged or reduced. There are standard designs to choose from also. To Know more about us, go to the website.