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Know Everything About Trundle Beds

When a person has limited space in a room where they need two beds for their children or their guests, they don’t have too many options. Some people choose bunk beds, however, that isn’t the best option for a guest room and if the ceilings are too low in the home, it isn’t an option for the kids either. This leaves the Trundle Bed in Green Bay WI.

What Is a Trundle Bed?

A trundle bed is basically two beds in one. During the day, it looks like a typical bed. At night, there is a mattress under the bed that is on casters, making it easy to pull in and out. These beds make it possible to have two beds in a small room.

Do Trundle Beds Come In Different Sizes?

Because trundle beds are designed to make the most of small spaces, they don’t come in queen and king size beds. Most trundle beds are twin size, however, if the individual were to look hard enough, they might be able to find one in a full size.

What Is the Best Type of Mattress For a Trundle Bed?

The mattress on the main bed can be any size, however, the mattress on the trundle bed needs to be smaller so that it fits under the bigger bed. The typical trundle bed will only fit a mattress that is between 8 and 10 inches thick. Since mattresses this size don’t provide much support, many people who have trundle beds use memory foam mattresses. Not only are they soft, they don’t need a box spring to provide support.

Pop-Up Trundle Beds

While trundle beds are great space savers, some people don’t like the idea of sleeping so close to the ground. This is a problem that a pop-up trundle bed can solve. The bed still rolls under the bed where it is stored, however, the frame is different. When the bed is rolled out from under the bed, there is a lever that when pressed, the bed pops up and it is the same height as a typical bed.

If a person doesn’t have enough space in a room for two beds, they should consider buying a Trundle bed in Green Bay, WI. For more information, visit the Lullabye Shop.