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Why Businesses Choose Embroidery in Kansas City for Promotional Products

Kansas City businesses give away thousands of promotional products every year. They are willing to spend money on these freebies because statistics show that many recipients keep items for nearly two years. In addition, area professionals make it simple to customize products. Although clients can choose a variety of ways to add information to giveaways, embroidery is one of the most popular. It is long lasting, professional looking, and easily customized.

Printing Experts Offer Design Help

The design service offered by printing companies is one reason that Embroidery in Kansas City is a favorite way to create eye-catching marketing products. Many businesses approach printing specialists with definite logos and designs, but a lot of them need help from graphic artists who can design stylish embroidery. Technicians combine state-of-the-art technology with artistry to produce logos, monograms, and custom designs. They offer a range of colors that are typically used to create good-looking clothing, hats, and bags. Companies make it easy to order products online. Websites also include a “visit us” section with a physical address for clients who want to work with designers in person.

Clients Love Well Crafted Giveaways

Businesses typically choose Embroidery in Kansas City when they want marketing products that people will keep. In studies, most people said they would like to get more promotional products and often pass on durable, attractive items. That is especially true of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps that they receive at corporate events. With that in mind, businesses often order embroidered apparel for their employees. They enjoy wearing items during and after work, which is free advertising.

Embroidered Marketing Products Produce Results

The single biggest reason that businesses order embroidered promotional items is that they work. Studies show that customers view embroidered products as more valuable than other items. Over 50% said that the good-looking products create a more favorable impression of businesses. Research also indicates that a whopping 53% use their items at least once each week. About 85% stated that they did business with a company after receiving one of the giveaways.

Promotional giveaways are great marketing tools, and embroidered products are some of the most effective. Customers and employees love to receive embroidered apparel and tend to use items often. Businesses also use embroidered giveaways because they are easily customized.