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Many Styles of Baby Boy Bunk Beds in Green Bay WI

At some point that nursery for the twins has to be transformed into a bedroom for the twins. Once the pair become toddlers, it is time to start looking for baby boy bunk beds in Green Bay WI. Brand name, safe, and high-quality furniture for kids include bunk beds that feature sides on the top bunk, staircases rather than ladders, and a headboard to keep pillows from falling over onto the floor.


Saving space does not mean parents have to compromise on safety features. Furniture built to last will have sturdy connections that are solid wood instead of cheap plastic components. Safety is increased when the baby boy bunk beds in Green Bay WI are professionally assembled. Free delivery and assembly are offered on bunk beds and all furniture sets within forty miles of the Green Bay showroom location. Delivery can also be arranged for most of Wisconsin for a nominal charge.

Delivery Tips

A few tips are presented at to help the delivery and set up process go smoothly. While professionals strive to be on time for deliveries, it is wise to allow a two-hour window of time for unexpected circumstances. The van could break down, traffic may be excessive due to an accident, or assembly at an earlier appointment may have taken longer than anticipated. Make sure someone is home to supervise the set up.

It is also recommended that the room be clean with the final flooring selection already installed. This provides a clear path for delivery and allows plenty of room for assembling the new furniture. The flooring just prevents owners from having to move the furniture once it is assembled. It is possible the set, especially an all-in-one set, will not fit through the door unless it is disassembled.

Furniture that Alters Functions

Among the wide selection of furniture are innovative pieces that grow as children grow. Some bunk beds can be transformed into a trundle bed if that room needs to accommodate a new addition to the family. Sections can be added to provide more drawer space, a desk and chair, or bookcase as kids needs change. That type of furniture will save the family money because an entirely new set will not be needed for several years. Browse us for fine selection of beautiful children’s furniture that won’t break your budget.