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Reasons Why Gorgeous Chandeliers Will Always be Stylish

Ever since the ancient man created fire, humans have been obsessed with lights. While the electric light bulb did not arrive on the scene until the later 1879 era, archaeologists have found primitive lamps carved from wood with some holes where wicks would be in ancient Egyptian ruins. This was different from older cavemen lamps found hanging or nestled into the cave walls that allowed insiders to draw those cryptic pictures. From these humble beginnings, the chandeliers in Chicago residents are still in love with began. There are some practical and more mystic reasons why gorgeous chandeliers will always be stylish.

Later, a famous artist painted a picture of himself and his wife in the mid 1400’s. In it, the first known picture anywhere of an actual chandelier is displayed. Candles were used for centuries in these ornate light fixtures, and poor pheasants couldn’t afford the candles to light them during the day. Italian glass-makers got in on the lighting craze, and they were hiding on an island using various glass pieces to create stunning glass and gleaming metals in intricate chandelier designs. Baroque chandeliers that Chicago nightclubs used to feature are still fashionable today. Gas lighting exchanged the candles with this new burning light source so bright that special clouded glass shades were crafted to shield the eyes.

The modern-day chandeliers a Chicago lighting company still sells is now a lighting choice for everyone. Electric light bulbs reign now, but customers can still find mesmerizing Tiffany glass chandeliers that blend colored stain glass work with modern day electric lighting. Like clothing fashions or jewelry trends, chandelier makers often looked back to inspire their creations. Art Decco displayed prominently in the prohibition years was copied from an earlier era. Discover the timeless beauty of chandeliers at Fox Lighting Galleries. Access