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Three Tips That Can Help You Choose the Right Perfume Scent in Los Angeles, CA

If you’re looking for perfume for women in Los Angeles, CA, you have an encyclopedia of options available to you. Perfume is a very personal choice, so what will appeal to you may not appeal to the next person. Choosing a scent can be overwhelming, so the following tips may be able to help you get started.

Go Light

If you’re new to choosing a scent or wearing perfume, start off with lighter scents first. These would include fresh, aqueous scents or musky scents. Many people assume musk is heavy, but it’s actually so light that many people can’t smell it. If those scents aren’t strong enough for you, you can move to stronger scents.

Go Your Own Way

You might smell a scent on a friend and find it smells delicious and captivating, but when you try it on yourself, it smells revolting. The perfume smells differently on your skin than it does on your friend’s skin because your body chemistries are different. Always test a scent on your own skin before you buy it to make sure that it actually works well with your skin.

Wait Until the Scent Settles

Scent is divided into “top note” and “dry down” categories. The top note is the scent you smell when you first spray the perfume and lasts 20 minutes. The “dry down” scent follows and lasts for roughly four hours. Allow the dry down to sit with you for a while so that you can determine if you really like it.

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