Ways Your Mattress Is Ruining Your Sleep

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Online Shopping

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There are many things that we blame not getting a good night’s sleep on, whether it’s work or stress, it’s easy to blame something other than your mattress for having a bad night. If you keep tossing and turning, consider replacing your mattress with a Sealy mattress in Hattiesburg, MS. There are some sneaky ways that your mattress can detract from your sleep, and some may be surprising.


It is no shock that spending night after night on a bad mattress can exacerbate your stress levels. However, studies have shown that sleeping on a new mattress can reduce stress levels associated with worrying, anxiety, and irritability. Consider replacing your mattress if you can’t seem to de stress no matter what you try when it is time for bed.

Dust Mites and Allergies

You could be allergic to your mattress. Yes, as the time passes by, mattresses become a safe haven for dust mites, and as many as twenty million Americans can be allergic to them. Dust mites can also cause major problems for people with asthma, so it may be wise to use cover for your mattress. Vacuuming the mattress itself, and washing linens in warm water frequently can help to cut down on dust mite numbers.

Labels Regarding Firmness

Don’t always believe what labels tell you. Just like jean sizes, not every label fits all types of mattresses. The term “firm” can be subjective, and what may be considered firm to one person may turn out to be very light for another person. Buying a mattress that offers the wrong amount of support you prefer can help to make your quality of sleep worse, instead of better.

Work Away from the Bedroom

With technology being a major part of our lives, almost on a 24/7 basis, it is a common mistake to use our bedrooms as a personal office. The point of a bed is to be able to relax and be at peace, which may make it seem like the perfect place to conduct work. However, work can still cause stress, regardless of where you’re working, so be sure not to use your bedroom as an office. The light from computers and phone can wreak havoc on a sleep schedule, and you don’t want to associate your bedroom with stress.


We spend so much of our time sleeping, or relaxing in our beds, that making the right investment in a mattress only seems like the sensible thing to do. For a bed that offers support and a great night’s sleep, consider looking into a Sealy Mattress in the Hattiesburg, MS area.

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