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What Are Some of the Health Benefits and Medicinal Values of the Wild Rose?

Roses are the flowers associated with love, apology and romance. They are the flowers featured on more wallpapers than any other bloom. Even wild roses in hedges beside roadways shine in all their fragile white, pink and purple glory. These blooms, both wild and domestic, are well-suited to healing and treating illnesses. Wild rose herbal detox is excellent, for instance, for cleansing the body. What health benefits and medical values are in wild rose?

Medical Values

acts in literally dozens of ways. Wild rose contains more than 300 chemical components, of which approximately 100 are identified. Rose is known as a laxative, stomach soother, antiviral, antiseptic, uterine calmative, antibacterial and blood calmative, and it has dozens of other qualities beneficial to the body.

Benefits of Wild Rose

Wild rose is anti-depressive, which spells good news for those who are depressed. It has anti-spasmodic properties good for those suffering from menstrual cramps, muscle spasms and cramps. It’s good for asthmatics because it treats the spasms that close the airways.

Rose has been used to treat colds and flu for thousands of years. It removes toxins in the blood responsible for ills from rashes to cancer. It stanches blood from wounds. Rose helps determine levels of acid in the stomach, protecting against overly acidic reactions and aiding in digestion.

The ladies will especially enjoy the skin health properties of wild rose. Loose skin, acne scars, surgery scars and stretch marks may disappear. Wild rose stimulates the production of collagen, which keeps skin plump and smooth as it was in youth.

Wild rose herbal detox is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, D, E, B3 and zinc. These vitamins and minerals work their own magic in the body, so wild rose is an all-around beneficial thing for the body.