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The Benefits of Local Fruit and Vegetables Delivery Brisbane

If you are a wholesaler then there are a number of factors to consider. While the cost of what you bring in is a factor, the fact is that most companies will struggle to match the prices of top supermarkets. However there is a way to stand out and that is in terms of quality.

This is important regardless of the kind of sector you are in. If you are a hotel, greeting your premium paying guests with a basket of fresh fruit can be a gesture that welcomes people into their room and wishes them a comfortable stay. For restaurants, the use of high quality fruit and vegetables Delivery Brisbane area can be a key selling point, especially as customers become more aware of the air miles associated with bringing in produce from outside Australia.

Local doesn’t have to mean bland either- this can also include exciting and rare exotic fruits alongside staples such as apples and oranges. This is especially important if you are catering to vegans and vegetarians, allowing for more options to entice them to try your restaurant or café as opposed to other companies that don’t have the same level of commitment to their needs.

FMD Produce is not only committed to bringing you the best local fruit and vegetables from the local Brisbane area but also doing so with a fast and reliable delivery service. Contact us to find out more about how your business can benefit from our product.